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Over the past 60 years, the geoscience community has achieved remarkable things. We plan to celebrate many of the extraordinary scientific breakthroughs made by our members over the past decades and aim to showcase the societal benefits IUGS has brought to the world. Our anniversary events will span the whole of 2022. Many of the celebratory activities planned will showcase Planet Earth, the important scientific work undertaken by our members and will explore pathways towards achieving a more sustainable planet. We look forward to a prosperous IUGS@90! We value your thoughts and ideas and will be asking all members for their input on how to make this year a joyous occasion for the geological community and all citizens joining our celebration events.

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The first 100 IUGS geological heritage sites
25-28 October 2022, Zumaia, Basque Coast UGGp, Spain

During its main 60th anniversary celebration, the IUGS is pleased to present the "First 100 IUGS Geological Heritage Sites" at an event in Zumaia, Basque Coast UGGp (Spain). This announcement will kick off an endeavor to designate geological sites  from around the world that are iconic, recognized by all geoscience community for their impact in understanding the Earth and its history. More than 200 specialists from almost 40 nations and ten international organisations, are taking part in it. The First 100 aspires to be an unforgettable event that ends with a spectacular celebration.


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IUGS60 Newsletter
July 2022 News Update
(Posted 01.07.2022)

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The State of the Planet: Talks and Panel
An IUGS60 event on 22 April 2022
(Posted 08.04.2022)

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In celebration of the World Water Day 2022
An IUGS60 event
(Posted 18.03.2022)

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