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IUGS expects that the scientific activities funded by the Union will result in some form of publication and it has two principal avenues for such publications:

  • The quarterly journal Episodes, which carries peer-reviewed scientific articles, news and conference reports, and other contributions. The journal is currently managed in South Korea.

  • Books resulting from the work of IUGS bodies and from sessions held at International Geological Congresses. Since 2004 these books have been published under an agreement with the Geological Society of London (GSL).

Significant results of IUGS scientific work also appear regularly in a wide variety of disciplinary journals and books published by scholarly professional societies and for-profit enterprises.

From 1980 to 2001 IUGS produced its own numbered series of monographs. IUGS no longer prints, sells, or distributes monographic publications. A list of these volumes is maintained for historical purposes only.

Episodes, Journal of International Geoscience

IUGS-GSL books

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