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About the IUGS

With 121 national members, the Union aims to promote development of the Earth sciences through the support of broad-based scientific studies relevant to the entire Earth system; to apply the results of these and other studies to preserving Earth's natural environment, using all natural resources wisely and improving the prosperity of nations and the quality of human life; and to strengthen public awareness of geology and advance geological education in the widest sense.

News and Information

ProGEO News (Spring)
Issue No. 2 (Posted 11.07.2014) 

GeoNews (July) 
European Federation of Geologists (Posted 11.07.2014) 

IUGS E-Bulletin #97 (June)
Ninety Seventh electronic communication (Posted 07.07.2014) 

CGI Newsletter 
Issue 2 June (Posted 25.06.2014) 

AGID Newsletter 
67th Issue (Posted 19.06.2014) 

INHIGEO Circular (June) 
Issue 2014 Number 2 (Posted 19.06.2014)  
April 2014 Newsletter (Posted 23.04.2014) 

2014 IUGS Flyer 
A short explanation of the IUGS

2014 IUGS Brochure 
A more detailed explanation of the IUGS

Benefits of IUGS Membership 
Summary of facts (2014) 


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