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About the IUGS

With 121 national members, the Union aims to promote development of the Earth sciences through the support of broad-based scientific studies relevant to the entire Earth system; to apply the results of these and other studies to preserving Earth's natural environment, using all natural resources wisely and improving the prosperity of nations and the quality of human life; and to strengthen public awareness of geology and advance geological education in the widest sense.

News and Information

"Anniversaries": INHIGEO, The geologist's hammer tool, instrument and badge - 180 years ago (NEW)
by IUGS-INHIGEO (posted 18.07.2018)

Latest version of the International Chronostratigraphic Chart/Geologic Time Scale (NEW)
by IUGS-International Commission of Stratigraphy (Posted 14.07.2018)

Report on flood disasters in SW Japan, July 2018  (NEW)
by IUGS-Task Group on Geohazards (Posted 11.07.2018)

IUGS E-Bulletin #143
June 2018 News Update (Posted 03.07.2018)

News from IUGS-INHIGEO (posted 03.07.2018)
"Anniversaries": Nicolas Steno, born 380 years ago, bared not his own but fossils’ teeth

A new issue of Episodes is out!
Vol 41, No 2, Jun. 2018 (Posted 24.06.2018)

IUGS E-Bulletin #142
May 2018 News Update (Posted 31.05.2018)

Resourcing Future Generations
Grants of the First and Second Open Call (posted 28 May 2018)

Resourcing Future Generations
RFG Publications Published or Submitted - End 2017 (posted 28 May 2018)

IAPGeoethics newsletter
Issue #2 - 2018 (Posted 22.05.2018)

Global Stone Congress in Ilheus (Bahia), Brazil (posted 07.05.2018):
Short notes

IUGS E-Bulletin #141
April 2018 News Update (Posted 26.04.2018)

News from IUGS-COGE (posted 24.04.2018):
The international geoscience textbook

Contributing to the IUGS e-bulletin, website and social media
(Posted 06.04.2018)

IUGS journal "Episodes" (posted 16.03.2018):
an electronic submission and review system (Editorial Manager) has been launched

News from IUGS-COGE (posted 16.03.2018):
- The UNESCO-IGEO experts survey on geoscience education
The 'Earthlearningidea' initiative
The 'My Earth Science Educator Story' initiative

2016 IUGS Annual Report
(Posted 06.12.2017)

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Benefits of IUGS Membership 
Summary of facts (2014) 

The INTERNATIONAL UNION OF GEOLOGICAL SCIENCES is a 501 c (3) non-profit organization registered in the USA.

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