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About the IUGS

With 121 national members, the Union aims to promote development of the Earth sciences through the support of broad-based scientific studies relevant to the entire Earth system; to apply the results of these and other studies to preserving Earth's natural environment, using all natural resources wisely and improving the prosperity of nations and the quality of human life; and to strengthen public awareness of geology and advance geological education in the widest sense.

News and Information


**Harrison Award Nomination**  
James Harrison Outstanding Achievement Award  
15 December 2015 DEADLINE (Posted 30.10.2015) 

**IUGS NC Nominations**  
Nominations Form   
31 January 2016 DEADLINE (Posted 17.09.2015)   

**IUGS EC Nominations**  
Nominations Form  
31 January 2016 DEADLINE (Posted 17.09.2015) 

**IUGS Émile Argand Award**      
15 December 2015 DEADLINE (Posted 15.09.2015) 

UNESCO Geoparks 
New Geopark Label Announced (Posted 17.11.2015) 

IUGS E-Bulletin #113        
One Hundred and Thirteenth electronic communication (Posted 09.11.2015) 

GEO News Update
Group on Earth Observations (Posted 29.10.2015) 

IGBP e-bulletin 
October 2015 (Posted 29.10.2015) 

ProGEO News  
Issue Number 3 (Posted 27.10.2015) 

Resourcing Future Generations 
RFG in Namibia - Full Report (Posted 27.10.2015) 

Resourcing Future Generations  
RFG in Namibia - Executive Summary (Posted 09.1.2015) 

37th IGC 2024  
Call for Expression of Interest (Posted 12.07.2015)   

Registration Open 35th IGC
Registration and Abstracts Now Open (Posted 01.09.2015)  
2014 IUGS Flyer  (English)
A short explanation of the IUGS 

2014 IUGS Flyer (Spanish) 
A short explanation of the IUGS

2014 IUGS Flyer (Portuguese)
A short explanation of the IUGS 

2014 IUGS Brochure   
A more detailed explanation of the IUGS

IUGS leaflet Afrikaans 

IUGS leaflet Arabic 

IUGS leaflet Farsi

IUGS leaflet French 

IUGS leaflet Greek 

IUGS leaflet Hindi 

IUGS leaflet Italian 

IUGS leaflet Polish 

IUGS leaflet Sesotho  

IUGS leaflet Swahili 

IUGS leaflet Urdu  

IUGS leaflet Xhosa 

IUGS leaflet Zulu 

Benefits of IUGS Membership 
Summary of facts (2014) 

The INTERNATIONAL UNION OF GEOLOGICAL SCIENCES is a 501 c (3) non-profit organization registered in the USA.

Federal TIN (IRS) = 521231783
DUNS Number = 653870014
In Care of Name = Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences (CAGS)



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