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Zumaia_28 November 2022_First100Geosites_IUGS
Zumaia_28 November 2022_First100Geosites_IUGS

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Zumaia_28 November 2022_First100Geosites_Declaration_IUGS
Zumaia_28 November 2022_First100Geosites_Declaration_IUGS

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Zumaia_28 November 2022_First100Geosites_IUGS
Zumaia_28 November 2022_First100Geosites_IUGS

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60 IUGS-logo-high resolution.png

IUGS60 celebration

IUGS website.jpg

Energy Transition Series: Geothermal


26 January 2022 (3-5 pm GMT)

The IUGS and partners; The Energy Group of the Geological Society of London, UNESCO-International Geoscience Programme (IGCP) and Resourcing Future Generations (RFG) are pleased to be able to host the first of a series of six, energy transition events. We start with the hot topic of Geothermal.

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(Posted 20.01.2022)

IUGS_Energy Transition.jpg



IUGS E-Bulletin n. 193
January 2023 News Update
(Posted 02.02.2023) (new)


Call for the Expression of Interest to host 38th International Geological Congress, 2028: Deadline Extended
Download here (pdf)
Guidelines for preparation of bid documents to host the 38th IGC
(Posted 16
.01.2022) (new)


Call for Nominations of the next IUGS Executive Committee 2024-2028
Download the call here (pdf)
Download the nomination form (pdf)
(Posted 30
.01.2022) (new)

A Voyage to Lipari published 240 years ago_INHIGEO Anniversaries_2023.PNG

INHIGEO Anniversaries: A Voyage to Lipari published 240 years ago
Déodat de Dolomieu and the Volcanoes of the Aeolian Islands in the Mediterranean Sea (1783)

Read the post by Ezio Vaccari (Italy)
INHIGEO Anniversary list

(Posted 20.01.2023) (new)

new year card for 2023.jpg

The IUGS Zumaia Declaration
In Zumaia, Basque Coast UNESCO Global Geopark, 28 October 2022
Download (pdf file)
(Posted 28.10.2022)


DDE logo.png
UN Sustainable Development Goals
Past Executive Committees
List of members from 1961 to 2020 (Posted 01.07.2020)
36th IGC, Delhi, India
Note from the IUGS and the IGC on the 36th International Geological Congress (IGC) (Posted 25.09.2021)
36th IGC letter regarding the current refund process (Posted 03.06.2021)
Joint IUGS-IGC letter concerning 36th IGC, Delhi (India), from John Ludden (IUGS President) and Ranjit Rath (36th IGC-LOC) (Posted 22.12.2020)
IUGS concern on status of refunds from 36th IGC: letter to all registered participants from Stan Finney (IUGS Secretary General) (Posted 17.09.2020)

International Geological Congress rescheduled from 9-14 November 2020 to 16-21 August 2021 (Posted 24.06.2020)

IGCC: Postponement and reschedule of the 36th IGC (letter signed by the IUGS President) (Posted 24.06.2020)

- Refund policy (Posted 10.05.2020)

Letter from the IUGS President: 36th International Geological Congress rescheduled tor 9-14 November 2020 (Posted 28.02.2020)

Letter from the IGC Committee (IGCC): Postponement and reschedule of the 36th IGC (Posted 28.02.2020)

Urgent information from organizers (Posted 25.02.2020)

International Science Council (ISC)
Action Plan 2019-2021 (Posted 27.09.2019)

The first 100 IUGS geological heritage sites
25-28 October 2022, Zumaia, Basque Coast UGGp, Spain

During its main 60th anniversary celebration, the IUGS is pleased to present the "First 100 IUGS Geological Heritage Sites" at an event in Zumaia, Basque Coast UGGp (Spain). This announcement will kick off an endeavor to designate geological sites  from around the world that are iconic, recognized by all geoscience community for their impact in understanding the Earth and its history. More than 200 specialists from almost 40 nations and ten international organisations, are taking part in it. The First 100 aspires to be an unforgettable event that ends with a spectacular celebration.


(Posted 27.09.2022, updated 17.10.2022)


Vol. 45, No 4, December 2022
(Posted 01.12.2022)

Yamirka Rojas.jpg

New IUGS Councillor 2022-2026
Dr. Yamirka Rojas-Agramonte, Institut für Geowissenschaften of the Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel (Germany) was elected new IUGS Councillor 2022-2026. She replaces Carlos Cónsole-Gonella (Argentina), who recently passed away.
IUGS Executive Council

(Posted 28.11.2022)


35th IGC Field Trips and Guidebooks
Book list here
(Posted 30.11.2022)


The IUGS - International Commission on Geoheritage (ICG) has a new website
Visit here
(Posted 21.10.2022)

DDE logo.png

Deep Digital Earth (DDE) Forum (9 November 2022)
co-organised by UNESCO, IUGS & DDE
UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France
Download the agenda (pdf file)
Report and photos

(Posted 26.09.2022; updated 04/11/2022, updated 24/11/2022)


International Commission on Stratigraphy: online event on 7 December 2022
16:00 GMT
Title: "The Internetian Age: a new Stage in the ICS' information timeline"
Video recording:
(Posted 05.11.2022; updated 08.12.2022)


International Lithosphere Program (ILP): 
Evgueni Burov Medal 2023 for mid-career scientists - Call for Nominations

(deadline: before 15th January 2023, midnight)
Download the call here
ILP website
(Posted 02.11.2022)


International Commission on Stratigraphy:
new edition of the International Chronostratigraphic Chart (2022-10)

Read and download here
(Posted 02.11.2022)

IUGS Earth Sciences Festival
4-28 October 2022, virtual events

The IUGS Earth Sciences Festival comprises eight unique geoscience events as well as the Earth Futures Film Festival and the IUGS First 100
Geoheritage Sites event in late October. Tickets are free and students are eligible for certificates of attendance to help with CPD.

Read more in the IUGS60 website
(Posted 30.09.2022)

General_Flyer_Earth Sciences Festival 2022_IUGS.png

Letter by IUGS President to the IUGS constituent bodies 
Download (file pdf)
(Posted 06.10.2022)


Minutes of the 77th Executive Council Meeting
(16-17 March 2022, Paris, France)

Download (pdf file)
(Posted 03.10.2022)


IUGS Report 2021-2022 for the
SCGES - Standing Committee for Gender Equality in Science

Download the report (pdf file)
(Posted 24.08.2022)


STRATI 2023 - 4th International Congress on Stratigraphy
11-13 July 2023, Lille, France

First Circular (pdf file)
(Posted 22.07.2022)


International Geoscience and Geoparks Programme: Newsletter, issue 03
Donwload (pdf file)
(Posted 21.07.2022)


IUGS60 Newsletter
July 2022 News Update
(Posted 01.07.2022)


IUGS Commission on Global Geochemical Baselines (CGGB):
Standard Methods for Establishing the Global Geochemical Reference Network

Download (pdf file)
(Posted 22.06.2022)

60 IUGS-logo-high resolution.png

The State of the Planet: Talks and Panel
An IUGS60 event on 22 April 2022
(Posted 08.04.2022)

EFF Workshop Flyer.png

2022 Earth Futures Festival: Workshop 2
Making and completing your film
Wed 6 April 2022: 7-8 pm AEST / 11 am-12 pm CEST / 5-6 am EDT
Register here (free):
Download the flyer

(Posted 05.04.2022)


IUGS Annual Report 2021
Download (pdf file)
(Posted 28.03.2022)


Peter Bobrowsky awarded the James M. Harrison Award of the IUGS
The celebration was held in Paris at the 77th IUGS Executive Committee meeting
(Posted 25.03.2022)

Peter Bobrowsky awarded by IUGS_March 2022.jpg

International Geoscience Programme Council Members - Call for Application
Read here
(Posted 23.03.2022)


International Geoscience Programme - IGCP: 2021 annual report
Read here
(Posted 18.03.2022)


Ratification of Artinskian GSSP
The IUGS Executive Committee has voted overwhelmingly to ratify the GSSP proposal for the base of the Artinskian Stage of the Cisuralian Series and Permian System.
Read more

(Posted 09.02.2022)


The International Geoscience and Geopark Programme (IGGP)
Newsletter issue #2 December 2021
(Posted 17.12.2021)


International Geodiversity Day – 6 October
A great opportunity to raise awareness of geosciences

On 23rd November 2021 the International Geodiversity Day (IGD) was established by the 41st session of the UNESCO General Conference! From now on, the 6th of October will be an annual worldwide celebration, raising awareness across society about the importance of non-living nature for the well-being and prosperity of all living beings on the planet!

(Posted 26.11.2021)


IUGS and The Earth Project
IUGS and The Earth Project are proud to announce the winners of the first round of our COP26 Photography Countdown Event. Check out the three stunning images and conservation stories behind them:
Gallery 2 opens for voting today. Why not check out these exquisite images of the environment and nature: You have two weeks to decide which are your favourite 3 images/storie. Be part of giving nature a voice at COP26.
For a full picture of the event check out the latest COP26 Countdown Event newsletter:

tEP's latest newsletter
The Earth Project Newsletter 26.10.21
Gallery Competition Winners!
(Posted 06.10.2021, updated 08.11.2021 )


New flyers of the IUGS - Commission for the management and application of Geoscience Information (CGI)
Download the rollup version of the flyer
Download the trifold version of the flyer

(Posted 28.07.2021)

IUGS news at a glance

Journal of International Geoscience

Geoscience meetings, conferences, workshops, etc.

Supplying of mineral, energy and water resources for the global society for the next century

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