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Past Executive Committees
List of members from 1961 to 2020 (Posted 01.07.2020)
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UN Sustainable Development Goals


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IUGS Ten Action Plan for Africa “TAP for Africa”
Download the document (pdf file)
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Help determine future research directions in geosciences

Cast Your Votes For Trends In Geosciences (2014-2023)

Scientists at the Deep-time Digital Earth (DDE) Big Science Program have created 30 trending topics in Geosciences for researchers worldwide to vote on and select the top 10 trends by May 31, 2024.
Please choose up to 10 topics that you believe best represent recent advancements.

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Two documents released by the IUGS Commission on Geoethics


1) Guidelines for Ethical Conduct at IUGS/IGC Meetings and Events (by the Task Group on IUGS Ethical Guidelines).

2) Action Plan on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility for the IUGS (by the Task Group on DEIA).

Read more and download these documents (pdf file)
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INHIGEO Anniversaries: Emerald mines in Upper Egypt in the Islamic period (until the 14th century): A neglected era in modern history of mining
Read the post by Khallaf El Ghalbi (Morocco): click here
INHIGEO Anniversary list

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IUGS Annual Report 2023
Download (pdf file)
(Posted 09.04.2024)


Note on the Fifth Meeting of the IUGS Nominating Committee
Download the note (pdf file)
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Participation of the Russian Federation in the International Geological Congress (IGC)
Download the message by Prof. John Ludden, on behalf of the IUGS EC (pdf file)
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IUGS E-Bulletin n. 203
February - March 2024 News Update
(Posted 04.04.2024) 

INHIGEO Anniversaries April 2024

INHIGEO Anniversaries: Correia da Serra (1751–1823): “Journal d’une Course en Avril 1774”. The Art of Observing and Describing
Read the post by Ana Carneiro, Ana Simões, Maria Paula Diogo (Portugal): click here
INHIGEO Anniversary list

(Posted 08.04.2024)


The Anthropocene: IUGS-ICS Statement
Read the statement: short version
Read the statement: extended version
(Posted 21.03.2024; updated 30.03.2024)


INHIGEO Anniversaries: Ignotas Horodeckis (1776–1824): Meteorite studies by a Lithuanian mineralogist
Read the post by Eugenija Rudnickaitė (Lithuania): click here
INHIGEO Anniversary list

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Vol. 47, No 1, March 2024
(Posted 05.03.2024)

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79th IUGS Executive Committee Meeting, Nairobi, Kenya
19-21 February 2024
Posted 06.02.2024)

IUGS Geosciences for Africa Event, Nairobi, Kenya
22-23 February 2024
Note to participants (pdf file)

(Posted 06.02.2024)


INHIGEO Anniversaries: Charles Darwin’s volcanic islands (1844): A view from 180 years after publication
Read the post by Sandra Herbert (USA): click