IUGS E-Bulletin n. 166 (new)
May 2020 News Update (Posted 23.05.2020)
2020 IGCP Project Proposal Call (new)
Download the UNESCO flyer (Posted 29.05.2020)
More information on the UNESCO's website (External link. Posted 29.05.2020)
Deep-time Digital Earth (DDE) (new)
New article introducing IUGS initiative for facilitating data-driven Earth science transformation (Posted 15.05.2020)
International survey on geoethics (new)
by the IAPG - International Association for Promoting Geoethics
Fill in the online questionnaire (External links. Posted 21.05.2020)
Special Issue : 36th IGC 2020 "Geoscience Research in India: The Indian Report to IUGS 2016-2020" (new)
Proceedings of the Indian National Science Academy, Volume 86 (1), March 2020 (External link. Posted 15.05.2020)
The first Earthlearningidea teacher professional development workshop goes online
News from IUGS-COGE (Posted 29.04.2020)
7th SGA-IUGS-SEG-UNESCO Short Course on African Metallogeny

23rd - 27th November 2020, Windhoek, Namibia (Posted 16.04.2020)

Download the leaflet (pdf file)

IUGS-sponsored IAGOD-AGA-SEGEMAR Short Course on Metallogenic Cartography, 11-15 November 2019
Report (Posted 20.04.2020)


Vol 43, No 1, March 2020 (Posted 09.03.2020)
36th IGC, Delhi, India

- Refund policy (Posted 10.05.2020)

Letter from the IUGS President: 36th International Geological Congress rescheduled tor 9-14 November 2020 (Posted 28.02.2020)

Letter from the IGC Committee (IGCC): Postponement and reschedule of the 36th IGC (Posted 28.02.2020)

Urgent information from organizers (Posted 25.02.2020)

Election 2020 - Slates of Candidates
Biography and statement of each candidate (Posted 08.1.2020)


Report by the IUGS Secretary General
IUGS Annual Report

2018 issue (Posted 16.05.2019)


International Science Council - Action Plan 2019-2021 (Posted 27.09.2019)


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